Pride With

A Purpose™

OutRight Action International is marking our second Pride With A Purpose ™ campaign to commemorate the history of Pride, to celebrate progress in recognition of the rights of LGBTIQ people to be who we are, and to draw attention to the immense challenges still facing us around the world.

About Pride with a purpose

Pride looks different around the world, but it shares a purpose – to fight for continued recognition of the basic human rights for all LGBTIQ people everywhere. 

Let’s mark Pride With A Purpose ™ together in 2021!

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Here’s how you can be part of Pride With A Purpose™



Support our work for the LGBTIQ community everywhere. Rally up your friends for  #PrideWithAPurpose

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Every amount you contribute will help OutRight and our partners support LGBTIQ people suffering in the wake of COVID

Donate to our COVID-19 LGBTIQ Global Emergency Fund

Get the Warner Music Group Pride With A Purpose™ Playlist

These are the Songs LGBTIQ followers are Listening to this Pride Month!

Crisis situations affect those who are most vulnerable more severely than the general population. The COVID-19 pandemic had devastating effects on LGBTIQ people, including rising domestic violence, scapegoating, the devastation of livelihoods, homelessness, and exclusion from humanitarian and recovery efforts. In April 2020, OutRight launched a COVID-19 Global LGBTIQ Emergency Fund to offer emergency support to LGBTIQ organizations serving people impacted by COVID-19. So far, we’ve distributed $1 million to 125 groups in 65 countries, helping more than 50,000 people.

Over a year after the pandemic hit, LGBTIQ people are still suffering, especially in places where vaccines – and economic recovery – are a long way off. The need is extreme and ongoing – so we’re continuing to raise funds to support our community. You can help. 

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