Web3 Partnerships

​​The LGBTIQ community is one of the most marginalized globally & faces persecution, discrimination & violence around the world. Yet the global LGBTIQ human rights movement has made tremendous progress in the last few decades, despite being severely underresourced. 

We at OutRight believe that right now, there is a tremendous opportunity to radically accelerate social & legal change for LGBTIQ people around the world and ensure that our progress is not lost. However, we need more allies to join us – and we are dedicated to searching for new and innovative ways to uplift and support the global LGBTIQ community, including partnerships in the web3 space

As part of our 2022 #PrideWithAPurpose campaign, OutRight invites artists, creators, investors, projects and collectors from across the web3/NFT space to support our mission of fighting for human rights for all LGBTIQ people everywhere throughout the month of June.

Here’s how you can get involved


Collect one or more artworks from the first-of-its-kind MetaPride Land NFT collection, which will be auctioned off to support OutRight and other LGBTIQ organizations later this month. 


If you’re an artist, become a #PrideWithAPurpose Artist Ambassador by selling one or more of your works during Pride month and donating the proceeds to OutRight in crypto or cash (see below for details).

Collectors are also welcome to sell and donate proceeds of collected works.


Donate an NFT directly to OutRight through Crypto for Charity – a platform that will sell your NFT and give the proceeds to OutRight.


If you’re a web3 company or project, consider making a contribution from your community treasury, donating royalties, matching employee/member donations, or sponsoring an initiative to mint an NFT in support of LGBTIQ rights (see recent mint by @pussyrrriot and @salemilese to support reproductive rights).

For more information

Get Creative! Contact Katie Hultquist at khultquist@outrightinternational.org to explore how you can support OutRight.

Pride 2022 Collaborations

MetaPride Land

is a safe, equitable and inclusive space for the global LGBTQ+ community to live, laugh and learn without fear of oppression. Foodmasku, a leading queer artist, will be curating the first MetaPride Land NFT collection in June 2022 celebrating queer identity with original works from leading and emerging artists. LGBTQ+ charities, including OutRight, will receive all net proceeds from sales of the NFT Collection. OutRight will also be distributing 50% of the proceeds we receive to our grassroots partner organizations around the world.


Renowned crypto artists and pioneers Hackatao will be supporting OutRight throughout their Queens+Kings second hacking season, which is dedicated to freedom, embracing inclusivity, celebrating diversity and queer liberation. Proceeds of Queens+Kings Pride traits and secondary royalties in June will benefit OutRight. Hackatao will also hack one of the Royals and donate the avatar to the MetaPride Land NFT Collection to benefit OutRight and other organizations, and they will host a community hacking contest to generate even more creatively hacked, gender fluid Queens+Kings, to be displayed in future exhibitions and campaigns.

Power of Women

Power of Women and artist Leah Sams will be supporting OutRight through their upcoming Women of the Metaverse drop of artworks celebrating the LGBTIQ+ community for Pride Month. 


OutRight will be the charity partner and beneficiary of ConsenSys’ 2022 internal Pride campaign. 


HUG is Web3’s friendliest community of creators and curators! To celebrate Pride Month, HUG’s ‘Bear Hugging Brigade’ is hosting a gallery exhibition and fundraiser to showcase the incredible talent of LGBTQIA+ artists in Web3. 70% of proceeds will go directly to the artists, and the remaining 30% will be donated to Outright Action International. The exhibition kicks off June 13.

Avius Animae

Artist John Jannuzzi and the Avius Animae project have donated 50% of their initial mint proceeds and pledged 100% of royalties during Pride Month to the LGBTQIA+ Impact Index Fund at The Giving Block, which will benefit 14 LGBTIQ+ organizations, including OutRight. Special thanks to The Giving Block and Shift4 for matching these donations!

Not Your Bro

Not Your Bro is building a community that gives back and welcomes more women into web3. Not Your Bro has already donated over 87 ETH to causes supporting women, girls and LGBTIQ people. In addition to supporting OutRight after their initial mint, Not Your Bro will donate 10% of royalties during Pride month to fuel our work for global LGBTIQ equality.

Daz 3D & Non-Fungible People

Daz 3D is pleased to partner with OutRight to promote and support #PrideWithAPurpose. In January, Daz 3D debuted its flagship NFT collection, Non-Fungible People, which features female, female-identifying, and non-binary avatars, as part of its commitment to help make the metaverse an inclusive space. Together with Outright, Daz 3D joins millions of people around the world to celebrate the history of Pride, recognize the progress made in LGBTIQ rights, and promote the values of equality and inclusion for all.

More collaborations will be announced soon!

#PrideWithAPurpose Artist Ambassador Guidelines
  • Become a #PrideWithAPurpose Artist Ambassador by selling/auctioning your work sometime during the month of June, and donating a portion or all of the proceeds to OutRight by July 15.
  • Select artwork/NFT you would like to sell/auction. Decide on a platform and a timeframe for your auction.
  • Use our #PrideWithAPurpose toolkit to promote your work and partnership with OutRight via promotional posts. Be sure to include your personal reason for celebrating #PrideWithAPurpose, tag @OutRightIntl, and use the hashtag #PrideWithAPurpose.
  • OutRight will list you as an Artist Ambassador on this webpage (please allow 24-48 hours for updates)
  • When your NFT is sold, donate proceeds to OutRight 1) in crypto or 2) in fiat/cash currency. 
  • Post/share once your piece sells and your donation is made and tag @OutRightIntl – we will recognize your support on Twitter and/or Instagram.
  • OutRight will invite Artist Ambassadors to join us for a #PrideWithAPurpose Twitter Spaces in June.
“I love the good work of OutRight, which advocates for equal rights globally for LGBTQIA+ people like myself. Having donated close to 3 ETH (from sales of my work) over the last several months to OutRight has meant the world to me, and that’s why I keep coming back. Even a little NFT artist like myself can make impactful change, you just have to believe that you matter and so do those you’re helping. Change can happen. Change will happen. One day in our lives we’ll see real equality and equity!”
Lori Grace Bailey

web3 photographer, curator and host